how to celebrate father's day

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America celebrates the father since 1910, the third Sunday in June. Last week I had a chance to come back by train from New York to Washington, and I decided to talk to passengers about the role played in their lives that day.

Nine-year-Blake lives in Caramel, California. Sitting on the lap of his father, he answered the question about what value it has for the holiday: "This means that this day should celebrate, and know that you appreciate my father for what he is good and for what he is your father. "

Father's Day in the world

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In many countries, including Russia, celebrated Mother's Day. But we must not belittle the role of the father in family life and children. Yes, dads are different, but I'd like to believe that a good, responsible, affectionate and loving fathers, much more.


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International Father's Day is celebrated every third Sunday of June in 52 countries. Father's Day has been celebrated since the early twentieth century, as a celebration of male fathers. On this day, decided to hold family-oriented activities for fathers with children, as well as to hold family celebrations in honor of the men of the older generation and the memory of the evening.

Father's Day holiday, U.S.

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Father's Day in the U.S. celebrated the third Sunday in June. The idea of ​​creating a holiday for children who want to express our gratitude to our fathers came from Spoukeyna, Washington (Spokane, Washington).

Who, where and when the notes on Father's Day?

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May 17 in Germany, called the Day of the father. Legislatively, he entered the country in 1936. Earlier in the day the men were going to companies in the so-called "bachelor" and went on nature. Especially popular have the active recreation: hiking, cycling, sports events and, of course, the favorite gatherings over a beer ... At the moment, this day became a family holiday, and when moms and dads, and kids gather together to relax outdoors and to celebrate Father's Day.

Sms greetings Happy Fathe (Lyrics)

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Someone gave me a belt as a child? Who gave the love from the heart? My Dad's my favorite: Strong and unique! Happy father's day, I Congratulations, Dad, you! To always been healthy, Kind, sensitive and fun!

Father's Day

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Father's Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. It is celebrated on the third Sunday of June in many countries and on other days elsewhere. It complements Mother's Day, the celebration honoring mothers.

History of Father's Day

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Was first celebrated on June 19, 1910 in the USA. Initiated the creation of this holiday is called Mrs. Dodd, of Washington. She would like to thank my father, and his face - all caring fathers of America, involved in the upbringing of children. Father of the founder of the festival's name was William Smart, his wife died after giving birth to sixth child, but a single father successfully reared newborn and five children. Virtuous William was a veteran of the civil war and lived with their children on the farm.

Evaluation of real estate as an area of assessment activities

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Score estate as an area of assessment activities

MA Medvedev, OAO "The Housing Corporation" House "

Evaluation activities in Russia got its active development in the early 1990's, simultaneously with the transition to market economy relations. Of particular significance has acquired the activities of real estate appraisers in connection with a fast and rapid development of real estate market, ie sharp increase the number of transactions both residential and nonresidential facilities. In addition, the introduction Goskomstat RF from January 1, 1995 mandatory revaluation of fixed assets of enterprises resolution to bring this independent experts resulted in an increase in demand specialists on valuation activities.

In May 1993, independen

Selection of the staff as a mechanism for coordination of interests

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Selection staff as a mechanism for reconciling the interests

VS Polovinko, Omsk State University, Department of Economics and Sociology of Labor

development of the labor market, including intra-firm, determines need for staff selection to set up, under renovation and vacant jobs. Theory and practice of personnel management is already quite a lot general approaches and specific methods for selecting personnel. Almost all of them are based on the fact that the selection is presented as a process in which the identification of number of candidates those who are best suited to meet anticipated workplace functions. In this case of its structure, stages, sequences and technology.

Experience in developing systems of personnel management at a number of Omsk ente

The influence of monetary policy the central bank to commercial banks activity in Country

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Effect monetary policy the central bank to commercial banks in Russia activities

AV Selyuk, Omsk State University, Department of Finance and Credit

the August 1998 crisis has exacerbated the chronic problems our economy. It is a clear manifestation of the contradictions caused by unresolved old problems (in the Soviet time), while the accumulation of new ones. One of the causes of this deterioration is the monetary policy of the Central Bank, which allowed the fall of the ruble, has announced the freezing and subsequent restructuring debts on T-bills.

This is due to the fact that the Bank of Russia:

not had a proper resistance to the policies of the executive power to inflate the domestic public debt;

himself almost directly credited

The essence and peculiarities of the formation of economic behavior

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Essence and especially the formation of economic behavior

OS Elkina, Omsk State University, Department of Economics and Sociology of Labor

economic behavior - the subject of studies and generalizations economic theory. The central place in all the treatises on economic theory with minor deviations is the same idea: all studies Economics focused on the analysis and prediction of human behavior [1, c.92]. Here are some typical definitions of economics: "Economic Science studies the normal life of human society; it examines the sphere of individual and social action, which is closely connected with the creation and use of the material foundations of well-being "(Marshall A.) [2, c.56]; "Economic theory - is the science which studies human behavior in t

Problems of improving the financial foundations of local self-government

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Problems improve the financial foundations of local self-government

AD Kosmin, BI Kychanov, All-Russia Correspondence Financial and Economic Institute, Department of Financial Management

In April 1999, published draft guidelines (Concept) public policy development of local self-government in Russia Federation. The need to develop the Concept of the many problems caused by the variability legal and financial security of local government bodies, that prevents the effective solution of a number of critical issues in the municipalities. There is inconsistency Russia law on local self-government number of existing regulations contain provisions that do not match concept of local self-government, enshrined in the Constitution of Russia. On the other hand, at the regiona

Teacher of the university: motivation and stimulation of labor activity (review of sociological studies)

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Teacher university: motivation and stimulation of labor activity (review of sociological research)

OY Vasilenko, EV Welz, Omsk State University, Department of Economics and sociology of labor,

In April - May 1999 at the Department of Economics and Sociology Labor Economics Faculty of Omsk State University, led by Professor LA Elovikova was conducted a sociological study to determine ways to overcome motivational crisis, university employees and improving of their salaries.

Problems value orientations and motives of work university professors in the modern literature paid much attention. This is mainly due to the fact that a key figure in education reform is teacher, so the pace and nature of the modernization of education depends on teachers cadres and l

The influence of the labor market on the value of the cost of podgotovkuspetsialista higher qualification

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Effect labor market on the value of the cost of podgotovkuspetsialista higher qualification

NY Garafutdinova, the Committee of Science and Higher School of Administration of Omsk Region Actual

for our state the problem of transition to market economy is inextricably linked to the changing socio-labor relations in society. One of the most important elements of these relations are relations of property labor. In the economic literature for many years, scientists led discussion the socio-economic nature and the consumer cost of the basic component of relations of production labor. Study of the economic categories "labor force" and its product properties involved in A. Eremin, V. Kornienko, M. Kukushkin, N. Tyapkin, J. Krond etc.

a long time, it wa

Problems of the competitiveness of Countryn enterprises

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Problems competitiveness of Russian enterprises

AL Karpov, Omsk State University, Department of economic theory and entrepreneurship

Market reforms in Russia require substantial structural, institutional and behavioral changes at the level of microeconomics, and above all in the domestic manufacturing industry. For the stability of the system and bookmarks basis for further development is necessary to ensure the competitiveness of key, backbone industries. By some estimates, if the situation to 70% of industrial enterprises are potential bankruptcy, but at least 20-25% of them believed the government officially condemned in any turn of events [1]. However, observed through the country in general decline in the use of production capacity, this means that in the ens

The estimate of lost income during the student teaching in the university

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Score value of forgone income students during training at the university

NY Garafutdinova, the Committee of Science and Higher School of Administration of Omsk Region

need to include in the value of the full costs of training specialists with higher education expenses of the student due to the fact that student, are of working age, can not fully use the working effect on the labor market. Thus he loses a large part of income in the form of wages payment for their work. The difficulty in calculating the value of lost income for the student During training in high school is largely due to increase in the level of his skills in the process learning, and, hence, the need to use special methods of assessing the equivalence work of varying complexity.

In the e

Methodical bases of valuation of jobs in banks

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Methodical basis of valuation of jobs at banks

AM Sergin PG CBR the Omsk region

economically viable reason for creating and maintaining economic jobs is the need for banking products, and form Support - guaranteed the possibility of implementing a certain volume of production. Therefore, projecting the future size of the needs of production and the current level of profitability, we can determine the cost of its creation (cost). Knowing share of the costs of economic jobs in the overall cost structure in retrospect, You can calculate the total, the maximum allowable costs for the economic work place in the planned period. Dividing the last value in the annual planned costs falling on one economic workplace, we obtain the number of workers places, which can indeed

The role of credit institutions in the European financial markets and their development trends

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role of credit institutions in the European financial market and their development trends

Matrosov, SV, graduate faculty "World Economics and MVKO " Features

European capital market

After start of the payment system TARGET and monetary operations of the Eurosystem interbank market, until now, national, are in the process integration into a single interbank market is the euro. Outstanding public debt redenominirovan a common currency, harmonized trading rules, and all stock markets have begun to quote in euros. All this points to possible development of trans-European financial market in the U.S. model, based on a liquid money market instruments, stocks, bonds and derivatives. However, this process is not fleeting. More addition, the processes

Business: the hierarchy of the increment of capital

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Business: hierarchy of capital gains

DV Varlamov, graduate faculty "World Economics and MVKO " Background

classification levels of business and place in her small business

Small business, as business in general, to the end of 80-ies studied domestic economic science is not enough. Primarily this was due ideological considerations: as the business itself, and the capitalist society, part of which he admitted were considered historically doomed (!).

Deep change in ideology observed in Russia since the early 90's (more accurately, refusal from whatever it was ideology), has radically changed the signs in the need to study business in general and small business in particular. Study business and adjacent areas of economic activity emer

Recent trends in international capital markets: aspect of globalization

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Current trends in international capital markets: aspect of globalization

AA Kiselev, graduate faculty "Banking case "

Globalization and modern information technologies give the traditional notion "world economy" of today totally different, new value. The term "financial globalization" understands the world as connected, interdependent, and continue to integrate a limitless market. In contrast, the concept of "internationalization" as applied to the world economy, which economists said and written before the 80-ies, implies active relationship with the world of national and regional independent markets.

Globalization financial markets, has today revolutionary in its effect effects not only for the world's financi

Minimizing the calculated risks in the securities market infrastructure

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calculated risks in the securities market

PV Zolotarev, graduate faculty "Securities and stock exchanges "

One of the characteristics of the stock market is its volatility. Unfavorable market movements can lead to insolvency of individual participants market, compromising their contractors. Therefore, each party seeks accept only those risks and in the amounts it deems justified. From other kinds of risk he is trying to hedge is reduced to minimize possible damage. To perform the functions of insurers market are special structures, the combined concept of infrastructure. Trading through them, the participants exempt from certain kinds of risk. These risks take on organization of the market infrastructure.

Process execution of the tr

Organization of the analytical accounting of materials in storage (for example, the textile industry)

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Organization analytical accounting of materials in warehouses (for example, the textile industry)

SA Romanov, a graduate student department "Accounting Accounting "

Value analytical accounting in the transition to a market is sufficiently large. It analytical accounting allows you to perform one of the most important tasks accounting - the formation of a synthetic accounts of complete and reliable indicators for the compilation of financial statements. Analytical record in the light industry is of interest and simultaneously complexity. This is primarily due to industry-specific. In this article discussion focuses on the peculiarities of accounting for stock of fine enterprises using as the main raw material - wool (question considered in the light of the

Charitable Trusts: a possible source of funding

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Charitable Trusts: a possible source financing

LS Gomzin, a student of the Institute of Finance

C Russia's transition to a market economy have appeared a huge number businesses whose main purpose is profit and its distribution among the founders. However, there are non-profit organizations that also benefit, but do not distribute it among founders, and is used to fund authorized activity.

In Russia-profit organizations are not widespread. It associated with a number of reasons, primarily because there is no strong companies that are willing to spend considerable sums of money for charity (in the U.S. the main form of non-profit organizations - is a charitable foundations where there are more than 40 thousand). Certainly, there are non-profit organiza

Analysis of the GNP by linear regression

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analysis of the GNP by linear regression

VV Dergunov, graduate faculty, "Economic Theory "

Condition crisis, Russia's economy is today determining the background Most theoretical developments in the field of macroeconomic analysis domestic experts and economists. It is clear that the study of various forms of crises and the development of anti-crisis program is prerequisite for rapid stabilization of the economy. It is also clear that effectiveness of such research depends on the theoretical basis, formed by the conclusions of economic theory in general and macroeconomic analysis in particular.

In Therefore I would like to stay at one of the methodological aspects of problem of effective macroeconomic analysis, especially because it is the m

Reform of the electricity industry: critical thinking

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electricity reform: critical thinking

BI Davydov, Ph.D., AV Kotelnikov, PhD Ideas


1 Nakoryakov VE About the project of restructuring Russia Energy / Energy: Economics, technology, ecology, ? 6, 2003, pp. 28-33. Belyaev LS Electric power system and market power / Energy: economics, technology, ecology, ? 2, 2004, pp. 21-27. Batenin VM, Maslennikov VM What are the prospects for energy in Russia? / Energy: Economics, Technology, Ecology, ? 9, 2004, pp. 2-11.

Energy Sector Reform in Russia enters new phase. The pre-development process has identified a number of problems for which must be overcome objectively understand their origins. These problems include, first of all, uncertainty about the prospects for obtaining large-scale investment

Countrys Oil and globalization: the choice paradigm of development

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Oil of Russia and globalization: the paradigm of choice

AM Mastepanov, doctor of economic sciences, JK Shafranik, Ph.D. in Economics

Globalization as a reflection of further technological development and the development of social institutions at the turn of XX-XXI centuries. touched on a variety of aspects of social life. Starting with the elimination barriers to international trade and closer integration of national economies, it opened the way for the formation of a single (or planetary) economic and information space, to the formation of a qualitatively new system of international division of labor.

1 available estimates suggest that Russia of countries - leaders (UK, U.S., Australia and other separates today distance of 40 ... 60 years.


Planetary power grid

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planetary power grid

Electrical Power System (essays), appeared in end of XIX - early XX century as an association for the joint work of several sources and the set of consumers of electricity, for objective reasons for more than a hundred years continued to grow big. Modern single electric power systems of individual countries stands at hundreds and even thousands of different types of parallel sources electricity supplied to millions of consumers in various vast territories. For such a joint, parallel to the work required creation of an extensive system-a network of transmission lines (LEP). Total length of such networks worldwide will reach several million kilometers. And in some countries they are so "thick" that the system or their individual Part of this net

Alternative energy in the EU: economic incentives for development

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Alternative Energy in the EU: economic stimulating the development

VP Klavdienko, Ph.D. in Economics, AP Tarasov

One of the key areas of doctrine of sustainable Development is to ensure the reproduction of renewable resources, slowing drew the exploitation of resources and their replacement renewable, reducing the load on the carrying capacity of the environment.

Similar problems are being addressed in many countries (both developed and developing), and global experience shows that one of the most promising ways to solve them - forming effective incentive mechanism and the practical use renewable energy sources. Particular attention is paid to various types of non-traditional renewable energy sources - renewable energy, allowing be "clean" ener

On the theoretical foundations of economic science

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theoretical foundations of economic science

MS Atlas professor and consultant consulting Council? KN Lebedev applicant department "Economic Theory" Trying

overcome the narrowness of the "Economics", emanating from its custom analyze only those aspects of economic life, which are amenable formalization, and accordingly adjust the actual processes under the user-friendly analysis of the mathematical form, domestic economists seek to complement principles of this science terms and approaches of the "old" political economy, based on qualitative methods of economic research (scientific abstraction, the unity of the historical and logical approaches, etc.). As known, a central place in the qualitative economic analysis is concept of the

On the possibilities of creating a model of reform in the state pension insurance

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On the possibilities of creating a model of reform in the system state pension insurance

LV Ablamskaya, senior lecturer in MMEP

Tasks predicting the dynamics of changes in the values of the main macro socio-economic development in the medium and long term, years is of interest of many researchers. There is sufficient publications, declaring the various approaches to solving such problems. As Generally, such studies are highly analytical in nature and have to provide the basis for some quantitative estimates of possible results of economic decisions in life.

Nature tasks exploring the possibilities of reforming the public pension system necessitates the use of forecasts socio-economic development of the country. In this article attention focuses on two ma

withdrawal from a credit institution licensed to conduct banking transactions as part of bankruptcy proceedings

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withdrawal from a credit institution license banking operations as part of bankruptcy

AG Filatov, head of Treaty and Legal Department OJSC "AB" Inkombank, MO Petrova Counsel OAO AB Inkombank "

Crisis phenomenon in August 1998 significantly affected by one of the most important Russia sectors of the economy - the banking sector. Failure State to pay off the GKO / OFZ, a sharp drop in the ruble, the collapse of securities markets and interbank loans, speculative demands of depositors for early returned to their bank deposits - all this has led to a crisis in the domestic banking system. Central Bank of Russia, in fact, was not ready for this dramatic turn of events, and acting strictly formally began revoke licenses for banking transactions from banks,

accounting systems, standard-fare and the normative method - through the organization of management accounting

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accounting systems, standard-fare "and regulatory method - through the organization of managerial accounting

FP Vasin, Professor, Accounting Accounting "

In accordance with international standards adopted to distinguish between financial and managerial accounting. Financial accounting includes information that mainly used by outside organizations and individuals (shareholders, banks, tax authorities, etc.), and is used for internal management. Managerial Accounting covers all types of accounting information necessary for the transaction management within the enterprise (firm). His Nation important function is to validate the process of making management solutions.

Information management accounting can be represented both in monetary and natural-

Social problems against the background of the modern economy

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social problems against the backdrop of the modern economy

TV Checheleva, Professor, Economic Theory " Any

radical economic and political transformations in society are calculated social progress. The latter is the most concentrated expression of in income growth and consumption of most of the population. If achieving this objective ill-founded and reformers too long and with heavy losses for society develop the mechanism of implementing reforms, the latter, in spite of the obvious their need, may be detached, and the society drawn into long political and socio-economic instability. Premier Reformer Russia PA Stolypin wrote in the beginning of the century: "Only when the reform go in parallel with the reassurance of the country, they will be an expression

The microstructure of the stock market and external effects

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microstructure of the stock market and external effects

DV Levando, senior lecturer "Securities and stock exchanges" Be

altruist, respect the selfishness of others!

Stanislav Jerzy Lec

Theory microstructure of the market has been studying the process of pricing in the direct describing the interactions of market participants. This is a relatively new trend modern economy. Interest in the role of trade in the way of pricing increased It should in the crisis in the New York Stock Exchange in 1987 for market analysis theory microstructure based on the provisions mikroekonomiche-tion theory with incomplete information, mathematical control theory, game theory, research operations, organization of industry, stochastic analysis, as well as

On the participation of banks in the areas of investment

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directions participation of banks in investment activity

Kuz'mina LA, Associate Professor State University management, YA Sokolov, deputy. Chief of Engineering and operational Control FA

Incentive investment is one of the priorities of Russia's government. Under investments are, typically, project finance and more traditional for our country, the phrase "capital investment". In this case special attention is paid to investment banking. What

caused such close attention to Russia's commercial banks, and what reason to consider them as real long-term investors, Russia's economy? It currently statistics indicate a small value of investments for banks: term loans Russian commercial banks for investment purposes amounted to over

Some problems of analysis of the essence of financial categories

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Some questions the essence of financial analysis Category

MN Germogentova, Senior Lecturer Finance Companies and Financial Management "

Modern stage of economic development in Russia are inherent in such features as instability of social and economic policies, hyperinflation, natural development of market relations, recession, rising unemployment, the impoverishment population and the intensification of ethnic conflicts. In these conditions most become topical issues aimed at developing practical measures overcoming the economic crisis. However, in our opinion, it is in such difficult time, economic theory has no right to go into the shade, remain silent, because any anti-crisis measures must have a strong theoretical foundation.

A without studying t

Financial globalization as a factor of economic impact

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Financial globalization as a factor in economic impact

DM Mikhailov, director of the International Finance FA Institute, Professor of World Economy and MVKO "

impact of globalization on the financial system developing and "transitional" states

Financial The linkage between individual countries and territories, based on the increased degree international freedom of trade in goods and services reflected in the liberalization cross-country financial flows and capital flows. Since the liberalization of is an integral part of the international economy, it is in its turn, leads to greater economic integration [1] * (Here and below the figure indicates the source or the note at the end of the material). As a result, Integration crossed another m

Six principles of modern banking legislation

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Six foundations of modern banking legislation

Peter J. Bumsma, expert of the European Union

Translated from English OD Polushenkovoy.

On author.

P.-Y. Bumsma has nearly 30 years of experience in the financial sector, starting with executive-level positions to the Secretary General of the Association of Banks Netherlands; cooperation in many international organizations, such as General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade / World Trade Organization (GATT / WTO), European Banking Federation (European Banking Federation) and etc., including seven years experience in consulting and management projects financed by the European Community, in countries with developing economies.

P.-Y. Bumsma specializes in structural and political transformations

collocation model for forecasting the quantitative characteristics of the main financial instruments of the stock market

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collocation prediction model of quantitative characteristics of the major financial instruments of the stock market

LO Babeshko, Associate Professor of "Mathematical modeling of economic processes "

Abstract This

is devoted to the issue of predicting the characteristics of key financial stock market instruments with the help of the model mean square collocation (* The term "collocation" (English collocation - interposition; arrangement) after the work was published in the Soviet mathematician and economist, LV Kantorovich "On a methods de approximate solution of differential partial differential equations "(1934) is widely used in modern Computational Mathematics for approxi-zhennogo solutions of differential equati